Pricing for Assembled MB-1

Please Note - Assembled Units
currently unavailable


MB-1 - Assembled and Calibrated
with NIST Reference - includes Pre-assembled
MB-HF1 Coupler (covers HF + 6 meters) ........... $699
Expansion Kit .................................................... $149
Large Ext 7-Segment Display Option ................... $49
Note - The MB-1 is shipped with Blue internal 7-segment
LEDs and front panel switch colors as shown below.










Introductory Offer
Free Expansion Kit
and Free Large 7-Segment Display Option

MB-1 - Assembled and Calibrated, with
Pre-assembled Coupler, Expansion Kit,
and Large 7-Segment Display Option ................... $699  

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Assembled MB-1 comes with Blue 7-segment LEDs installed.
Calibrated with NIST Reference.




Expansion Kit - (Normally $149)

The Expansion Kit gives you the ability to add external Analog Meters and External 7-Segment and External Bar Graph Modules to MB-1. It also includes the following Accessories:


EEPROM Upgrade with
 Support for Expansion Features

See the Assembly Manual for a full list of items included with the Expansion Kit.


Large 7-Segment Display Option (includes firmware enhancement only) - (Normally $49)

The Large 7-Segment Display Option is not required to support the Hi-Visibility 7-segement display modules and Hi-visibility Bar Graph module included with the Expansion Kit above. However, this option is required if you want to use the larger size family of SURE Electronics 7-segment display modules (1.8 inches - 7 inches in height).

Please note that the availability of the larger 7-segment modules varies. If you are interested in one of the larger displays, you can check for availability by searching for  7-segment information board on eBay or Google.